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Makeup has NO gender.

This totally isn't my normal kind of post, nor time or day to post it but I need to rant. Makeup. It's a pretty known topic, right? Now why is it that certain people, especially a certain bitch, seem to... Continue Reading →

Frequently Asked Questions to a Teenage Girl

I've realized I haven't really introduced myself to you guys. You're unaware of the weirdest and wildest things. So I figured I would answer a few questions. Specifically, Frequently Asked Questions to a Teenage Girl. Now, honestly, I don't know... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Insight

Many people in the world suffer with anxiety (estimated every 1 in 6 people). In my opinion, only people who suffer with any anxiety disorder - and I'm talking mental health  issues - actually understand how it feels, what its... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Christmas Gifts 2016

Okay so don't hate on me, I know I'm kinda late to the party, but I wanted to chat about some of my favourite Christmas presents of this year! I am so so sooo grateful for everything that I got,... Continue Reading →


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