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The Mystery Blogger Award!

This is my first time being nominated for one of these, so I apologize if it's a little terrible!   I was nominated by The Sasha's world to do this so thankyou very much! ­čÖé xo The Mystery Blogger Award was created by OkotoEnigma's blog... Continue Reading →

‘Tumblrish’ Room Decor Ideas!

I like to think some of my room decor is tumblr.. ish. Most of it is DIY'd and so simple to do. So I'm gonna share some of my ideas with you!   1) Polaroid line If you have a... Continue Reading →

Thing to accomplish before I’m 50!

Does anyone else have a bucket list? I don't have the most exciting life. Granted I'm only young, but as I'm not in school and mostly home alone, I never do anything. Literally. Nothing. The most exciting thing I've done... Continue Reading →

´╗┐10 Date Ideas

Hey guys! I'm not a dating expert, but I know it can be difficult to think of new and fun date ideas. No one wants to do the same thing over and over again, there's only┬áso┬ámany films to watch at... Continue Reading →

Makeup has NO gender.

This totally isn't my normal kind of post, nor time or day to post it but I need to rant. Makeup. It's a pretty known topic, right? Now why is it that certain people, especially a certain bitch, seem to... Continue Reading →

Frequently Asked Questions to a Teenage Girl

I've realized I haven't really introduced myself to you guys. You're unaware of the weirdest and wildest things. So I figured I would answer a few questions. Specifically, Frequently Asked Questions to a Teenage Girl. Now, honestly, I don't know... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Insight

Many people in the world suffer with anxiety (estimated every 1 in 6 people). In my opinion, only people who suffer with any anxiety disorder - and I'm talking mental health  issues - actually understand how it feels, what its... Continue Reading →


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