I’m starting a new series on my blog named “Favourite…”. It’s not like a monthly favourites, which I will continue also, but a list of my favourite things based on a particular subject/theme.

Today’s subject is TV series!

I am, as possibly a lot of you, obsessed with Netflix/YouTube etc. Like seriously obsessed.

I love finding a new series to watch – and if it has a good 6 series with 20-25 episodes then thank   you  G O D! However I get its also kinda tricky to find a decent show, so I have quite a few recommendations for you, fellow Netflix lover!


1)  The Vampire Diaries – this show is essentially about, well, vampires. But it’s certainly not a horror (unless you’re terrified of them of course). It is pretty gory at times, but the story line is brilliant! I haven’t quite finished it yet, but there’s 8 series (7 are on Netflix and the final one is out soon) with around 20-25 episodes each. Seriously recommend!

2)  Skins – I mentioned this is my January Favourites but it’s just so good! So far I’m on series 4 so no spoilers please! (Any spoilers will be deleted for any shows). There’s a slight lack of episodes per series which sucks but the quality certainly makes up for quantity!

3)  Full House/Fuller House – this is an oldie but a goodie! Full House is a family-based show from the 90’s, but based in the 80’s. It’s my ‘feel good show’ that I put on when I’m feeling pretty rubbish, and it’s really heartwarming! Fuller House is a follow on from that, so you gotta watch it after. It’s basically the family 30 odd years later, it’s amazing seeing all the actors now grown up/older!

4)  American Horror Story – man if you like horror you’re gonna love this! It’s so freaking creepy and I love it! There’s 6 series out, I think, but I’ve only watched 5 as the 6th isn’t on Netflix yet. However it’s amazing, with lots of fantastic actors/actresses! 10/10 should watch.

5) Orange Is The New Black – I love this show! It’s about a woman’s prison, and it’s pretty ‘adult’ so I wouldn’t suggest to watch if you’re under 13 (especially not with your parents), but it’s still sooo good! There’s 4 seasons on Netflix and a new season coming out very soon – I’m buzzing for it!

6) Bates Motel – not gonna lie, this show is kinda odd, but also great! I found it kinda hard to follow but trust me when I say all will make sense in the end! There’s so many cliffhangers and suspenseful moments. Go give it a watch!

7) Pretty Little Liars – this show has so. much. mystery. Honestly it’s really complicated but that’s partly what I love about it! It’s also got a great story line and brilliant actors. The final episodes are coming to Netflix soon and I’m so sad it’ll be over, but really worth the watch!


I hope you found this helpful! Let me know your thoughts and feelings on any of the above (but again, no spoilers please!).

Please leave any show recommendations below!

izzieerose xo