I like to think some of my room decor is tumblr.. ish.

Most of it is DIY’d and so simple to do. So I’m gonna share some of my ideas with you!


1) Polaroid line

If you have a Polaroid camera, this is a really cute and simple way to display them! All you need is some string/elastic (which I’ve used)/twine etc and something to clip the photos on to like the little clothes pegs I’ve used. Or you could use paper clips? As long as they hang you’re good to go, and you can put them anywhere you’d like too, the choices are endless!

2) A ‘jar or something’.

Not the best of names, but it sums up the decor! You just need a nice jar or vase and your choice of thing to fill it with. I chose some champagne coloured baubles from Christmas and I think it looks lovely. You could also use pom poms, fake flowers.. whatever really.


3) A plant/flowers

I feel like having a plant or flowers in your room makes you feel more calm and gives your room a ‘natural’ vibe. You could get some fake or real flowers, a succulent, a cactus etc, put it in something nice to display and voila! Just try to keep it alive (I failed badly at this when I managed to kick over my other cactus.. sorry lil guy!).


4) “Travel Map”

I’ve seen loads of people have something like this. You basically need a map, either a real one or just print something off online, and grab a pen or pins and place them where you’ve traveled to and where you want to go one day! It looks so cute!


5) Cork Board

As the name implies, you only need a cork board and your own unique design! Make it your own. You could make it themed – mood, seasonal (this is how I themed mine), colour, revision, thoughts/ideas etc. Just print off photos, place notes or lists, add trinkets etc, basically just do whatever you please!


6) Fairy lights

Finally, fairy lights. It’s popular asf and really simple but they look adorable strung up around your room! I personally prefer some with warm lighting to make my room feel nice and cozy. Any design and tbh in any location can really make your room feel complete!


Are you gonna use any of these ideas?

Let me know in the comments what your favourite decor idea was and if you personally have any ideas of your own 🙂 Like, share etc you know the drill!


Thankyou for reading!

izzieerose xo