Does anyone else have a bucket list?

I don’t have the most exciting life. Granted I’m only young, but as I’m not in school and mostly home alone, I never do anything. Literally. Nothing. The most exciting thing I’ve done so far today is figure out what to write about!

I’m only 15, so I have a long way to go til I reach the big five-o. But these are some things I really want to accomplish by the time I get to that age.


A) Travel to my dream destinations; America (specifically LA, Wyoming and New York), Greece and Italy.

B) Be recognized by someone. Whether its for this blog and I meet a reader (that would be awesome) or just a friend of a friend says hi, and I get a new friend out of it.

C) Get married. It’s a classic but I can’t wait to hopefully walk down the aisle.

D) Go on a massive road trip with my friends. Maybe around Europe or America!

E) Be successful. Not necessarily have my own business or be an A-list celebrity, but as long as I can afford a nice roof over my head and all the bills are paid in time and we have food in the house, plus maybe a little spare to spend. Yeah, I’d say that is success.

F) Have children. Another classic but again it’s something I can’t wait for! I want 3, how about you?

G) Ride in a hot air balloon. I mean the thought terrifies me but I still wanna try!

H) Get through college alive. Okay I know I won’t literally die, but I couldn’t handle school very well and it was a massive struggle for me, but I start college this year! I really hope I can do it.


That’s all!


What goals do you wanna achieve?

 izzieerose xo