This totally isn’t my normal kind of post, nor time or day to post it but I need to rant.

Makeup. It’s a pretty known topic, right? Now why is it that certain people, especially a certain bitch, seem to think it’s a one-gendered topic? 

“Girls only” ???? what.

Don’t even talk to me if you’re one of those people who agree that makeup is strictly for girls.


It’s fucked up for someone to say that it’s “abnormal for guys to wear makeup” or “it’s wrong”. No, it’s isn’t.

Makeup has no gender. Nobody in Boots would physically stop a man from buying makeup would they?Know why? It’s fucking rude.

I’m obviously not a guy who wears makeup, but I still wear it. And I believe that anyone, no matter which gender, should be able to wear what they want, express them selves how they want, and wear makeup if they want.

Don’t be one of those people who disagree, you just look stupid.

And if you’re sat here thinking “preach this motherfuckeerrrr!” then girl, or guy, spread the same message!

Makeup has NO gender.

And to EVERY makeup addict out there, show off your own style hunny, the world is your oyster.

Thankyou for reading.

izzieerose xo